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Good guiding is inimitable. There is no substitute for the knowledge and experience of a dignified professional.
Stretching the Limit.

Because the number of such qualified guides is so small, we prefer to limit the size of our company, building our reputation on the quality of our service and results.

Every Above Ouray Ice & Tower Rock Guide must meet the highest standards for qualification.

More information on choosing a guide can be found here.


Andy Petefish
Andy Petefish - CMGF Certified Guide.
Andy on the Yellow Wall 5.10+, V
The Diamond - Longs Peak, CO

51 Years Guiding & Teaching
56 Years Mountaineering, Rock & Ice Climbing, & Ski Mountaineering

Andy Petefish - Cover 1989 WY Road Map - Another lap on Mr. Clean 5.11
Andy on Road Map Cover
doing another lap on Mr. Clean
5.11 at Devils Tower
The owner and director of Above Ouray Ice & Tower Rock Guides, Andy Petefish, is a Fifth Generation Western Coloradan that has been climbing rock & ice worldwide during the last 56 years, and has been guiding in these areas for the last 51. During the last 40 years while operating Devils Tower's oldest, safest, and most reputable local guide service, he has successfully climbed and enjoyably guided more groups to the summit of Devils Tower than anyone. His tally is well over 2,000 and growing. Andy has also pushed free climbing standards to its highest levels at Devils Tower by establishing its most difficult free climbs.

His goal is to provide you with the best guiding and teaching skills he can. This is the reason he became one of America's first few, and Devils Tower's first Certified Guide & USMGA Endorsed Rock Guide by successfully completing the most Advanced Rock Guides Exam on the Big Walls of Yosemite Valley 34 years ago in 1991.

Andy began his 51 year long guiding career in the 1970's for a small guide service called Mountain Sense which was started by one of the owners of Marmot Mountain Works at that time in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Along the way, Andy picked up a degree in Geophysical Engineering with a Minor in Geology at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado. As a result, Andy can answer in detail all of your questions about the rock formations you are climbing on with him.

Andy has also volunteered on many rescue teams and worked as an Instructor for National Park Service High Angle Rescue Seminars and Training Sessions at Devils Tower, WY; Colorado National Monument, CO; and at Joshua Tree National Park, CA.

Lenore, Andy, David, & Ann after Primrose Dihederals on Moses - 5.11d, A0
Lenore, Andy, Dave, & Ann after a successful ascent of Moses 5.11, A0, IV

During 1989, 1990, and 1991, Andy completed a large Voluntary Bolt Replacement Project at Devils Tower in coordination with the Access Fund and American Mountain Foundation.

In the mid 1990's, Andy volunteered help during the early construction stages of the Ouray Ice Park in Ouray, Colorado.

Andy's experience base, certification, and patiently warm happy go-lucky nature makes him the guide of choice for your next climbing adventure in the areas where we operate. References are available upon request.


Bob Brockley
27 Years Guiding & Teaching
35 Years Mountaineering, Rock & Ice Climbing, & Ski Mountaineering

Bob Brockley at Devils Tower.
Bob Guiding a Group
at Devils Tower, WY
Bob Brockley started working for Tower Guides 24 years ago in 2000.

Since 2000, Bob has been teaching our ice courses in the San Juan's, and guiding tower routes in the Moab/Canyonlands Area and at Devils Tower, WY.

Bob's guiding education began while earning his B.A. in Wilderness Leadership at Prescott College, and has been furthered with several AMGA and Avalanche courses.

Bob began guiding in 1997, and his experience includes leading expeditions in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina and Mexico internationally, while domestically he guides rock and ice throughout the San Juan's, Utah desert, Vermont, and Wyoming.

He is a Wilderness First Responder, AIRIE qualified Avalanche Instructor, and speaks Spanish.

Bob Guiding on Aconcagua in South America.
Bob Guiding on Aconcagua
in South America.

While not guiding, Bob stays busy climbing big walls from Yosemite to Peru, riding his split snowboard in the San Juan backcountry, and surfing friendly waves in Mexico and Puerto Rico.


Bryan Bornholdt, Ph.D.
Bryan on Desert Shield
Bryan on Desert Shield
Zion N.P., UT

37 Years Guiding & Teaching
41 Years Mountaineering, Rock & Ice Climbing

Bryan Guiding at Devils Tower, WY
Bryan Teaching Belaying
at Devils Tower, WY
Bryan Bornholdt started working for Tower Guides 23 years ago in 2001.

Since 2001, Bryan has been guiding wild Desert Towers in the Moab/Canyonlands area and helping at Devils Tower, WY.

Bryan has a Ph.D in Mathematics and can teach you Algebra & Calculus while you are climbing with him, and if you run into a difficult section he will be the first to help you conquer your "Boundary Conditions".

Bryan's experience depth rock climbing in the Western United States is incredible. He is both an accomplished aid and free climber as well as an amazing instructor.

Bryan Guiding on the Priest
Bryan Guiding on the Priest
Moab/Canyonlands Area, UT

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